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Corporate Services.
Corporate Services

The economic and legal environment in Indonesia is extremely complex and diverse. We support our customers with their projects in Indonesia and accompany them in all corporate and commercial law matters.

Our focus is on all relevant legal and regulatory issues associated with the set up, implementation and protection of business activities in Indonesia. We advise our customers on company establishments, the acquisition of existing companies and on how to set up a representative office. We can also support you with corporate matters concerning capital increase, change of shareholders, board of directors and/or members of the supervisory board.

Furthermore, we can assist you in drafting contracts and review your existing agreements with regard to their compliance with Indonesian law.

Company and Business Law

We will advise you in all legal matters which might arise during your business activity.

We focus on accompanying you throughout the whole process of the establishment of your company, M&A and Joint Venture, as well as the setting up of a representative office in Indonesia and minimizing the risks of such undertaking. We can further help you to fulfill all license, permit and registration requirements.

Furthermore, our team can assist you with all matters ranging from the structuring of companies, finding the suitable legal form, drafting the articles of association to the conversion or change of the legal form. Our services also include consultation on capital increase and changes of shareholders, board of directors and/or members of the supervisory board.

Contract Law

We provide our clients with solutions to all questions relating to contract law.

We provide support for our clients with drafting contracts and reviewing existing agreements, with regard to their compliance with Indonesian law. Our range of activities extend from labor law to commercial law as well as distribution law. 

Other Legal Services

We also support our clients in all other legal issues.

The transnational legal pursuit of claims remains a sensitive and difficult issue. EKONID can offer a cost-effective alternative to settle disputes out of court via friendly negotiations. We are also prepared to arbitrate in disputes.

You may also consult us with respect to the issuance of necessary work and residence permits for your foreign head of your representative office, your foreign members of board directors and/or members of your supervisory board.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation!

We work on an hourly or project basis and offer fair and transparent fees.

The Network Law & Taxes

In the course of conducting daily business operations, especially when it comes to implementing special projects between Indonesia and European countries, companies are often confronted with most diverse, all too often unexpected legal and tax problems and bureaucratic obstacles. In such situations, EIBN works with its partner AHK Indonesia (EKONID) with its Network Law & Taxes, that offers companies customized solutions to their problems.

The Network Law & Taxes is a collaboration between AHK Indonesia and selected law firms, as well as tax consultants and auditing firms from Indonesia as well as from Germany that specialize in various areas of legal and tax matters. The unique network of contacts and resources meets the high demands of the AHK Indonesia on:

  • Specialization in business-related fields,
  •  long-standing experience in representing companies in the German-Indonesian business environment, and
  • lawyers’ and tax advisors’ excellent command of German or Indonesian to ensure best possible consulting services.

The Network Law & Taxes is thus a highly competent partner that can deliver, and provide the right solutions.

For more information about The Network Law & Taxes services please visit here.

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